Wine mobile catalog

21 Settembre 2016

Our framework developed with HTML5, Jquery mobile and Symphony 2.4 is able to generate iPad catalog using structured data from cloud database.

The result is a branded mobile APP available also in App Store where customer can manage content using a web based administration.

Layout is completely costumizable and data is available also in offline mode with iPad and iPhone.

















One application demo focused on Winery catalog for Ipad is available at

Cisco Agent Desktop HACK

21 Settembre 2016

The software for Call Center operators Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) is definitely one of the most complete on the market and used in enterprise environments.

A feature not considered adequately in our opinion is the ability to include web applications withinthe operator interface.

The applications included, keeping the management section called the header, allowing you to interact with session variables (managed by the appropriate IVR script) to provide operators with acustomized dashboard with useful information for the contact.

The inclusion of a full or Dynamics CRM as Salesfoce often makes the search for information and thevery complex operations for the timing in which the operators are subjected.


Backloop solution: follow the customer in the Contact Center configuration going to get information from different sources and studying, along with supervisor and client, the dashboardbest suited to operators.

Cisco Agent Desktop


The development then a personalized dashboard allows users to interact with data management, CRM and web services to convey in unique views and predefined operations for the agent.

Some success:

  • view books purchased subscriptions for contacts and status of a publishing house
  • state payments and contracts and recent calls for multi-utility
  • state telephone lines and connections to a service center of an Internet service provider (ISP)


From the web dashboard is also possible to send e-mail to colleagues alleganto the contact card,send information to the caller with a single click, istantaneamento change the user status or office (address changes, payments, etc.)


Cisco Jabber

Similarly, you can include the same information within the Jabber Desktop software when used on the farm.

The inclusion is via web forms that replace the standard contacts list.