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Full featured sponsored guest access for Cisco wireless AP

Full featured sponsored guest access for Cisco wireless AP

Our cloud service for Cisco Access-Point can control who access your wireless guest network by approving each request through predefined sponsor users.

This is done by setting up a sponsored guest access page
where guests submit their Internet access request to an internal
sponsor who receive it by mail and must approve it before user can start
to use it.

From Cisco website:

Sponsored Guest Login is a wireless guest
authentication feature that allows admins to specify an email domain
that guests must request access from to reach the wireless network. For
example, an admin at “Example Company” could specify that guest users
must request wireless access permissions from someone using an email
ending with “”. When a guest user connects to the
SSID, they will be brought to a splash page, and will have to specify a
“sponsor” who has an email on the “” domain. That
sponsor receives a confirmation email and must then verify that they
want that guest to connect. 

Our full feature service is deployed in seconds to your wireless network and you can try it by yourself here:


For demo or other details write to or call at +39 0459971269