Free UCCX scripts delivered as demo, if you need customization for your UCCX version of changes to script’s logic contact us from here


Script Name Min. Version Description Download link
demo1.aef n/a Multi-site UCCX script with global and per-site holiday check and working-hours.

All configs are into XML file that must be uploaded into server.

Every site have a CSQ associated.

Calls are delivered with call-redirect to avoid the issue with the caller number on agent’s display.

During off-time hour or holiday script can play a custom message.

 Download demo1.aef
demo2.aef n/a Same of demo1 but calls are delivered with native connect mode from CSQ  Download demo2.aef
demo3.aef n/a IVR with caller lookup into SQL database for auto deliver calls to the right sales/engineer.

Script query the CRM using caller number and check if there’s a company reference for that customer. Very usefull also for remove work to operator and forward calls directly to people or CSQ.

too much custom, ask us for a version that fit your req.
demo4.aef n/a Very complete script with these features included:

  • read digits on start so callers can bypass IVR if extension is well know
  • holiday check
  • business hour check
  • menu with 3 options that deliver calls to different CSQ/queue or extensions
  • expected wait time during hold in queue
Download demo4.aef